The Plus

Why the “plus”? The field of architecture relates to many other creative endeavors, both large and small. Whether traveling to other cities and landscapes, learning about a new product, or photographing an existing detail, practicing architecture invites one to expand their horizons. It often leads to new interests, new connections and related enterprises. In this world of the Internet, a few links follow:

Friendly Objects

Architect Peter Pragnell coined the phrase “Friendly Objects” to describe those inanimate objects that manifest human relevance and support us in our everyday lives – the toasters, streetlamps, houses, shops and cities that can be friendly objects to us. I love photographing these things and have made the images into photo notecards which are for sale.

Family Forests

We recently implemented a forest management plan for several woodlots in Vermont and have harvested FSC certified hardwood, some of which is for sale. Other information about this program and sustainable forestry and wood products can be found on the web site.

Other links to enterprises of Family and Friends are: